Rim ReNew, LLC was founded by Sam Friedman to provide superior quality wheel repair and refurbishment with unsurpassed customer service to businesses and consumers in the greater Baltimore area. Sam has over 10 years of experience racing and repairing cars and fitting wheels and tires.

Rim ReNew was born when Sam hit a pothole on a local Baltimore street on his way to the airport. He suffered a blown out tire, but managed to still make his flight owing to a quick tire change.

When he returned to Baltimore, the tire shop that replaced the tire told Sam that the rim was bent by the impact with the pothole and they did not have the ability to repair it. The shop recommended he buy a new rim.

Sam soon found out that a replacement rim from the dealership would cost over $1,100! Not wanting to spend so much money, he immediately searched the internet to find someone who could fix the rim. When he could not find a company to fix the rim, Sam decided to look into doing it himself: Rim ReNew was born.

Rim ReNew is now the premier on-site wheel and rim repair and restoration company in Baltimore. Rim ReNew can repair virtually any pothole damage, curb rash, bend, crack or refinishing need that your rim has. No rim is too big and no damage is too extensive. Best of all Rim ReNew comes to you: sparing you a trip to the tire store, auto body shop, mechanic, or the dealership. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!