Rim ReNew not only offers chroming service to customers with damaged chrome wheels, we also will chrome plate your plain-old painted wheels for a completely new and attractive look for your car.

Whether you are chroming your painted wheels or repairing damage to your already chromed rims, the Rim Renew process is the same.

  • Paint strip the old finish.
  • Repair any underlying damage so that it does not show through the new chrome
  • First stage polish
  • Detail polishing
  • Bath and rinse
  • Chemical etching
  • Copper plating
  • Copper buffing
  • Bright nickel application
  • Auxiliary anode
  • Chrome plating solution
  • Final rinse
  • Final inspection and cleaning
This process takes several days to complete in order to get a perfectly smooth, bright finish. Please contact Rim ReNew for current pricing and time-around times.


Don’t want to wait in order to have your wheels chromed? You don’t have to!

We stock many factory (OEM) chromed wheels so that you can simply exchange your painted or damaged wheels for a perfectly shiny set of newly chromed wheels. Simply give us your old wheels and receive your new chromed ones.

Our chrome wheel exchange is a great way to improve the look of your car and increase its value! Contact Rim ReNew now for our in-stock selection!