A keen eye for detail is crucial if you want your wheels to look perfect. Rim ReNew’s experienced technicians are perfectionists when it comes to refinishing your wheels.

A wheel’s finish may become damaged for many reasons. Age alone can cause a wheel’s finish to become discolored or for your clear coat or chrome to chip off. More often, a wheel’s finish will become damaged from acid spray, oxidation or acid rain. The biggest culprit is your cars own brake dust eating into your wheel’s finish. Additionally, rubbing against a curb or road debris can affect your wheel’s finish and even gouge the metal of the wheel.

Whatever the reason, if your wheels look dull, discolored or down-right ugly; Rim ReNew can help!

Rim ReNew’s refinishing services include:

  • Curb Rash Repair
  • Deep Gouges and Gashes
  • Wheel Polishing
  • Re-Machining
  • Re-Painting
  • “Hyper-Silver” and “Ghost Chrome” Re-Finishing
  • Custom Wheel Painting and Finishing
  • Chroming (and Chroming)
We measure the run out of each wheel we service and make sure that it meets or exceeds the original manufacturers’ specifications before we put it back on your vehicle.