Rim ReNew technicians are experts at removing bends for rims. We can straighten any bend on any wheel caused by anything!

Bends can be caused by a variety of things like hitting a pothole, running into road debris, “popping” a curb or driving on a flat tire. The bends can sometimes be seen on the face of the wheel, but more often they are on the back-side of the wheel and cannot be seen unless the wheel is taken off the car. Even after taking the off the car, some bends cannot be seen by the naked eye and are found only through the use of highly sensitive measuring equipment. If your wheel is shaking or feels like it is out of balance, it very well may be bent.

Wheels keep getting bigger and bigger and the tires that match these wheels have a smaller profile than ever. Combine that with softer metal compounds that the wheels are manufactured from and it becomes very easy to see how just hitting a small pothole can severely bend a wheel.

Rim ReNew is here to help you with any wheel bend that you have. We can repair:

  • Front Side Bends
  • Back Side Bends
  • Radial Bends
  • Lateral Bends
  • Bends in Alloy Wheels
  • Bends in Steel Wheels
  • Bends in Magnesium Wheels
We measure the run out of each wheel we service and make sure that it meets or exceeds the original manufacturers’ specifications before we put it back on your vehicle.